Choosing the right heating unit for your kitchen

  • Units that fit into any décor
  • Variety of colour and sizes available
  • Perfect for where space is lacking
  • Multitude of installation options
  • Comfort in the kitchen, yes it’s possible!

Heat and aesthetics on the menu in the kitchen

We can safely say that the kitchen is becoming more functional, practical and aesthetic. As it is becoming a part of the open areas of the home like never before, giving special attention to kitchens in terms of decoration, is becoming a necessity. There is a need for harmony with furniture, appliances, wall and floor coverings like never before. Heaters are no exception to this trend and should also be part of this harmonization. Here is an overview of the different heating units that may be suitable for this special area of the home where the family comes together.

Concealed kitchen

Start with two of the most discrete choices: the "kick space" fan heater, and the floor heating cable system that are all designed to solve a problem of lack of space. The first is hidden under the cabinets. Its facade is set close to the ground, usually under the cabinet and recessed. The second, the heating cable is completely hidden but does not lack efficiency; installed right beneath your finished floor, it disperses the heat steadily and evenly. It does not occupy any space, leaving room for furniture and decorative accessories. In addition, the heating cable is ideal for people with allergies; there is no air circulation therefore no disturbance of air or dust. The floor insert fan heater is a solution when there is an evident lack of space. Directly recessed in the floor, this fan heater can heat areas with little wall space such as under bay windows and under standard windows.

Convectors: a recipe for comfort

Other highly decorative, more apparent heaters are also available as solutions. Take for example the SHC convector. This is a new generation heater, made entirely in Canada, can be placed on a wall or the end of a cabinet. Its various colors and finishes, its rounded corners and artistically perforated grill can be integrated into any decor. Most quality convectors are equipped with an electronic thermostat with backlight that can serve as a night light. The SHC is available in white and the popular stainless steel finishes. A wide range of other colours are also available.

An up-to-date classic

A line of well-known products in Canada: baseboards and mini patio door baseboards. It is possible to generate heat at the base of the patio doors and bay windows thanks to baseboards and mini patio door baseboards. These units are amazing in their smallness; their rounded shape allows them to fit easily into any decor. Their reinforced structure allows you to set foot anywhere on the surface of the unit without risk of deformation. They are ideal to have as a hot air curtain to prevent cold air from entering your home and to prevent fogging on the glass surface of your window.

The more conventional type of baseboard such as the B series, remains one of the most popular heating units on the Canadian market. Rounded corners, a wide range of power and color selections are still available today. This unit remains a frequently recommended option that fits very well with all types of kitchens. Its height of less than 6 inches helps distinguish it from every other model on the market.

In conclusion, these products are not only great looking but provide optimal performance, reliability, quiet operation and aesthetics. Several choices are available to you when it comes time to choose the ideal heating product for your kitchen and your lifestyle. Make sure to choose the model and the power of the device that best suits your application. Heaters manufactured in Canada ensure you safety and quality but also the confidence that you'll be well equipped to deal with the winters.

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