Energy saving tips

  • Using cost saving electronic thermostats
  • Single and multiple programming models
  • Respect clearances for optimal performance
  • Routine maintenance
  • Helping you find ways to put money back into your pocket!

As demonstrated in the graphic below, heating accounts for more than half the electricity consumption in an average household. With that in mind, Stelpro offers you some simple tips on how to reduce your energy consumption.

Distribution of electricity consumption in a home (1)


(1) Hydro-Québec, 1996-2014. "Save Energy." n.p, n.d.

Tips on saving energy


You can save over 30% on your heating costs with electronic thermostats.* Indeed, by lowering your thermostat temperature 4.5 °C (8 °F) once in the day and once at night, you will see your energy bill diminish considerably. Stelpro offers a complete line of single programming and multiple programming electronic thermostats that will help you save on your energy bills.

Replace as many mechanical thermostats for electronic thermostats as possible. If you are only replacing thermostats in certain rooms, it is recommended to replace those in rooms that require heating the most.

Turn down the temperature a few degrees at night. All the rooms in a home not being used during the evening and overnight hours can be lowered a few degrees to save on consumption. The same can be done if you leave your home for several hours. You can turn your thermostat back up when you get home and it will only take a few minutes to increase the room temperature a few degrees. All °STELPRO electronic thermostats have functions to lower the temperature automatically, whether it is a single programming or multiple programming model. Furthermore, these functions are very easy to activate, allowing you to save time and money!

Keep furniture away from heat sources (baseboard heaters, radiators). Also, do not block the heaters with your drapes. Restricting the flow of air to the heater will make it more difficult to heat the room.

Open blinds and curtains during the day, the sun can be used as a source of heat. Draw them closed in the evening to prevent heat loss.

Efficiency and energy saving go hand in hand. It is important to maintain your electrical heating products. Routine maintenance will keep your electric heaters 100% efficient.

*According to a test performed in a laboratory under controlled conditions with a STE302P+ thermostat. Analysis of daily consumption between a fixed set point of 21°C, compared to the preprogrammed mode No.12 with lowering the temperature 4.5°C (21°C to 16.5°C) once in the day and once at night. A lowering of 4.5°C is the standard used in the test for ENERGY AWARE certification.

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