Stelpro has developed a wide selection of smart controls that range from simple programmable electronic thermostats to remotely connected models. Manufactured and tested in Quebec, they are perfectly adapted to our electric room heating systems that features baseboards, convectors and fan heaters. Easy to install and safe to use, they can yield up to 25% in energy savings. Take control of your comfort!
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All the accessories you need to optimize and customize your electric heating system.

For baseboards and convectors

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These thermostats are the ideal partner for your baseboards and convectors and bring together harmonious design, superior technology and safety. Available in programmable and non-programmable models, they will adapt to your needs and your routine.

For floor heating

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Our floor heating temperature controls are cleverly designed to read the floor or ambient air temperature. They are also equipped with an over-current protection circuit to ensure their safety.


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Introducing our reliable, compact, accurate and most importantly, very affordable option to meet your heating control needs. Stelpro's mechanical thermostats are great value for money and will keep you comfortable.


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Our relays can be installed in the device's junction box, while others can't because of their size. Various models are offered to answer your needs.

Smart home

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At Stelpro, R&D is part of our DNA. Check out our full range of smart thermostats, including those for the Maestro ecosystem. Our thermostats can control temperatures remotely and customize heating management for optimal energy savings. Live the smart house experience with products specially designed for use in Quebec.