Heating cable systems

Heating cable systems

Heating cable systems are an energy-efficient, safe and durable choice that requires no maintenance. Whether for indoor or outdoor use, our heating cables distribute heat evenly.

Exterior protection systems

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Designed to prevent pipes from freezing or reduce the risk of falls on icy sidewalks, energy-efficient outdoor heating and protective cables are safe and effective even when temperatures are very low. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

Heating floor systems

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The heating cables and mats are a comfortable 100% silent, odourless and dust-free solution. Ideal for allergy sufferers, they also distribute heat evenly and are suitable and safe for use with most floor coverings. Moreover, they offer maximum room layout for furniture and interior design and are ideal for hard-to-heat areas.


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Our floor heating temperature controls are cleverly designed to read the floor or ambient air temperature. They are also equipped with an over-current protection circuit to ensure their safety.