Maestro compatibility


Do even more with your Maestro with vocal assistants, or by connecting it to a compatible Zigbee hub.

With IFTTT, you can now use Amazon Alexa and Google Home smart voice assistants to control your Maestro ecosystem.

Discover how IFTTT works

  • Save energy!
    IFTTT means “If This, Then That.” In short, it's an action that triggers another. The IFTTT platform makes it possible for you to program “recipes” that connect your smart devices.
  • Improve your comfort and your daily life!
    The new °STELPRO IFTTT applets are an ideal solution to improve your comfort. They adapt to your daily life without you needing to think about it.
  • Keep you and your loved ones safe!
    Many of the IFTTT applets compatible with your °STELPRO devices will give you peace of mind. Several smart home recipes can help keep you, your family and your home safe.
  • Compatible with smart voice assistants
    In addition to a host of features, IFTTT applets can be used with Amazon Alexa or Google Home smart voice assistants. These devices can receive your voice commands to control the controller or thermostats without needing to change the settings on your Maestro.

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