Sustainable development

At °STELPRO, we believe in sustainable development. All of the organization's activities are carefully considered so as to integrate the three pillars of sustainable development: the environment, the economy and society. As an industry leader specializing in the manufacture of electric heating products, we don't just stop with the application of the principles of sustainable development, we act as a company with influence in the promotion of sustainable development. We want to ensure the company's future using natural resources in a sustainable manner.

Commitment to the community

°STELPRO is present in the community through its support of several non-profit foundations and organizations, in addition to encouraging sports and physical activity. Visit our In the Community page to learn more.

Focus on Health and Safety

°STELPRO takes the health and safety of its employees to heart. The Health and Safety Committee, composed of employees, specialists in the field and other managers, works tirelessly to eliminate all the causes of occupational injuries and illnesses. Health and safety are the priority at °STELPRO.

Commitment to environmental protection

The Environment Committee, composed of dynamic and animated individuals with unprecedented determination , analyzes environmental risks and implements appropriate measures to reduce all forms of contamination and pollution. Here are some actions that have been undertaken by the Committee: Recovery of paint powder, composting of waste , recovery of recyclable materials (paper, cardboard and plastic), recovery of fuel cells and batteries, recovery of personal protective equipment, employee awareness campaign, etc.

At °STELPRO, we have an excellent waste management system. The 3R measures (Reduction at source, Reuse, Recycling and Reclamation ) are applied to each category of waste material.

Raw materials and other substances used in the recipes used in the manufacture of devices are from sustainable products. Chemical substances have been replaced by products that are less harmful to the environment. The warehouse waste water is analyzed once a year by an external firm.

Once a year, molded earplugs are made for employees who are required to wear hearing protection. In this way, we substantially reduce the consumption of disposable plugs and improve our employees' hearing protection.

The company is lit by LED bulbs and a motion-detection lighting system is in place in the warehouse and offices. This allows reduction in electricity consumption.


In 2015, °STELPRO was awarded the highest distinction of the ICI ON RECYCLE!. Program, Level 3 Performance Certification. This is official recognition by the Quebec government, established by RECYC-QUÉBEC to highlight the efforts of industries, businesses and institutions that have implemented responsible waste management in their establishment. For °STELPRO, obtaining this distinction is a source of pride confirming its commitment to environmental protection.