The smart home

The smart home

The arrival of Maestro – our most advanced thermostat to date – marks a turning point in the smart management of your home. North-American leader in its market, Stelpro offers a complete line of smart-home-ready products, from convectors to thermostats. Step into the smart home with products specially designed for Canada.

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How it works

Install in no time

Stelpro smart products are installed just as any other product would be. Be sure to call on the services of a certified electrician.

Connect to your network

It's as simple as connecting a mobile device to your wireless network!

Make the most of smart heating

Manage, customize and optimize your heating, and save!

A comprehensive range of smart home products

Contractors and electricians, be among the first industry professionals to be Maestro trained and certified, so you have all the tools you need to be part of this revolution.

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Learn more about
the heating revolution

  • Smart thermostats: Be at the forefront
    The best way to differentiate yourself from your competitors is, without a doubt, to be aware of your customers’ needs. These days, it’s critical to respond to new trends, particularly when it comes to heating.
  • Smart thermostats: Finally, there’s a solution for Canada
    An increasing number of manufacturers offer connected smart home products, thus responding to an increasing need for home innovation, comfort and energy saving.

Reasons for choosing
Stelpro smart home products

Made and designed for Canada

Stelpro understands the special needs of our climate, as well as Canadians' concerns about environmental safety and protection.

Integrate with your current heating products

Install the main controller, and replace one or more thermostats to control your heating devices without needing to replace your baseboards, convectors or fan heaters.

Easy to install

Smart thermostats can be installed as easily as any conventional thermostat. Your home can become smart in no time!

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