Compatible with smart voice assistants

Compatible with smart voice assistants

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In addition to a host of features, IFTTT applets can be used with Amazon Alexa or Google Home smart voice assistants.

These devices can receive your voice commands to control the controller or thermostats without needing to change the settings on your Maestro.

Just imagine, your Maestro sets to work with a single vocal command!

Here are two examples of IFTTT recipes you can program and then use through your voice assistant:

  • Ask your smart vocal assistant to start a pre-set activity, and your Maestro will apply the set temperature related to it.
  • Tell your assistant you are cold or hot, and your Maestro controller•thermostat will raise the temperature automatically.

In short, thanks to IFTTT applets, you can program any action possible for your °STELPRO devices via your voice assistant. Try it today!

At the same time, you can make the most of everything IFTTT has to offer to make your life easier, adapt to you and your needs and help you save energy with the Maestro smart controller•thermostat!