Improve your comfort and your daily life

Improve your comfort (and your daily life)!

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The new °STELPRO IFTTT applets are an ideal solution to improve your comfort. They adapt to your daily life without you needing to think about it.

A range of possible solutions exists and offers you unparalleled comfort thanks to your connected °STELPRO devices. Here are a few connected devices you can control with IFTTT and your Maestro smart controller•thermostat :

  • If you turn on your TV, Maestro increases the heating setpoint in the living room (and adjusts the setpoint in other rooms). You can set up this recipe with universal smart home remote controls, including the Logitech Harmony, which can be used as a trigger for the action.
  • If the room temperature exceeds your comfort settings, Maestro sends you an alert.

These are just a few instances where °STELPRO IFTTT applets can deliver an optimal comfort level.

Many other situations exist for which you can create your own smart home recipes according to your habits! Regardless of your lifestyle, IFTTT applets for the °STELPRO Maestro smart controller•thermostat adapt to your environment and your everyday life.

Create smart home recipes to assist you with your routine!

  • When you wake up, everything wakes up! With IFTTT applets, you can program your Maestro (and all your other connected devices) to turn on at your usual wake time.

You’ll want to enable or disable IFTTT applets when there are occasional changes to your routine. But these recipes are available at your fingertips, ready to be reused whenever you need them!

Maximize your Maestro smart controller•thermostat’s potential by combining it with IFTTT applet features! You’ll save energy and get unparalleled comfort, increased safety and better compatibility on a daily basis!