Keep you and your loved ones safe

Keep you and your loved ones safe!

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Many of the IFTTT applets compatible with your °STELPRO devices will give you peace of mind. Several smart home recipes can help keep you, your family and your home safe.

Here are a few examples of IFTTT actions you can program on your Maestro smart controller•thermostat to improve your home’s safety:

  • When a problem is detected, Maestro will send you an email. This feature is already available by default as a °STELPRO IFTTT applet.
  • If you have smart locks, you can program your Maestro to lock them when your home switches to “AWAY” mode. You’ll never need to turn back to check if you have locked the door!
  • When your Maestro switches to “AWAY” mode, the alarm system is automatically set (if your alarm system is IFTTT-compatible).

Of course, the IFTTT applets you can program on your Maestro will vary a great deal based on your habits and the various connected devices in your home.

You can use many recipes with your °STELPRO devices. Discover them now by purchasing a Maestro smart controller•thermostat!