Save Energy

Save energy!

IFTTT means “If This, Then That.” In short, it's an action that triggers another. The IFTTT platform makes it possible for you to program “recipes” that connect your smart devices. The word “recipe” points to the relationship between an action A and an action B (if A occurs, do B). Just like in a recipe, an IFTTT recipe requires a first step, which leads to a second.

  • Actions occur after a trigger from one of your devices (or through another service available on IFTTT). Your Maestro smart controller•thermostat can serve as a trigger for an action as well as react to a trigger.

Available on iOS, Android, PC and smart voice assistants (Amazon Alexa and Google Home), the new °STELPRO IFTTT applets let you create your own automated actions for the Internet of Things (IoT). Your Maestro goes the distance to make your life easier!

Among the actions you can configure on your Maestro, many are programmed to help you save energy. You can create IFTTT applets to optimize your home’s temperature according to your schedule and daily activities.

Here are a few examples of this type of action, which you can program on your Maestro through the IFTTT app (so long as the other devices are also IFTTT compatible):

  • If you leave your home (trigger), then Maestro switches to “AWAY” mode and adjusts the temperature accordingly (reaction). You can build more flexibility into this recipe with the geobarrier function. For example, you can control the geobarrier distance and the perimeter that defines your home. This applet is available by default on the °STELPRO IFTTT channel.
  • If you enter your home’s perimeter (trigger), then Maestro switches to “HOME” mode and sets the temperature to optimize the energy used to heat your home (reaction). Once again, you enjoy more flexibility compared to a non-IFTTT geobarrier; this is another recipe you can program and adapt to your routine.

You can also create your own commands for your connected devices. Here are a few IFTTT recipes you can set up with °STELPRO:

  • If your Maestro smart controller•thermostat changes your home’s status to “AWAY” (trigger), then your IoT-connected lights will turn off if they were lit (reaction). This recipe is possible with Philips Hue lights, among others.
  • If the outside temperature reaches 10 degrees Celsius (trigger), then your °STELPRO controller•thermostat turns the heat off (reaction).

In short, the possibilities with IFTTT recipes are endless and are a great way to adapt °STELPRO’s connected products to your daily life as well as save energy. Another good reason to choose °STELPRO and the Maestro smart controller•thermostat!