Commercial / architectural heating

Commercial / architectural heating

Stelpro's commercial and architectural heating products are designed to meet the specific standards of these sectors without compromising on design. High-quality materials and a wide range of voltages and wattages ensure optimal products for high-traffic environments. No matter how complex the project, our expertise means that we can offer you units tailored to your needs. Start combining comfort and design today with Stelpro products.

Commercial air curtains

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By directing a warm air curtain downward, this powerful ceiling-mounted unit reduces air movement between the inside and outside of buildings with doors and windows that open frequently.

Consoles and cabinets

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Perfect for heating large areas where power and quiet operation are required, Stelpro's cabinets provide unmatched efficiency as well as safety. Thanks to their fans, consoles generate greater power and warm air circulation.


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Compact convectors are gaining in popularity as a quiet, electric heating solution. The chimney effect they generate allows heat to circulate more efficiently and quickly in a room than baseboards. With Stelpro’s full range of convectors, you’re spoilt for choice.

Explosion-proof and water resistant

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Fear not. Safety, comfort and heat can coexist even in damp, corrosive or explosive environments thanks to our efficient specialized heaters.

Fan Heaters

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As versatile as they are discreet, Stelpro fan heaters take up very little space and can be recessed into a wall. Driven by their fan, these units adapt perfectly to environments requiring a rapid temperature rise. Combined with our built-in or surface-mounted electronic thermostats, fan heaters offer many options to optimize your comfort.

Hand dryers

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Stelpro hand dryers were developed to be efficient, customizable and eco-friendly. From design to manufacturing, our ultimate goal is to offer multi-purpose hand dryers that can meet all your needs, no matter the conditions of use.


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Thanks to their wall bracket and ability to direct heat dispersion, Stelpro unit heaters heat large spaces quickly. They are easy to install and can meet the specific needs of many types of environments. Moreover, their motors require minimal maintenance.

Portable heaters

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Despite its small size, this indispensable rapid heating heater is the type of unit most often found on construction sites thanks to its high output. Its durability lies in its sturdy painted steel construction, a proven protective grille and a nichrome electrical heating element which, when switched on, produces immediate heat. There's nothing like it to keep you warm!

Radiant and infrared

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Our radiant heaters work by radiation, thus heating solids instead of ambient air, just like the sun's rays. The ambient air is therefore healthier since there is no circulation