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Allia: Your smart home’s new best friend!

29 January 2021

Home automation is a growing trend, and it’s no wonder why: it helps make our living spaces welcoming and cozy across all our daily routines, which is especially nice now that working from home is one of those routines! Explore Stelpro’s Allia smart home system and learn all the reasons you should adopt this revolutionary technology today!

Simplicity at your fingertips!


Entirely designed in Quebec, the Allia ecosystem offers a complete range of products (heating, lighting, etc.) to make your home smarter and more comfortable. You can set up automated and personalized scenes that reflect your daily schedule. Starting your morning with pleasantly dimmed lights or turning the heat down a tad at night is a cinch: just use the mobile app to program your smart products and create the right ambiance at the right time!

Everything is connected


With Allia’s hub, all of your smart products can be connected through the same mobile app, and you can control them with voice commands (through Google Home or Amazon Alexa). In addition to light bulbs, smoke detectors, light switches and dimmers, electrical outlets and the weather channel, you can also link the Allia smart thermostat to your heating appliances to control the temperature whenever and wherever you want to, enhance your comfort and slash your energy bill. For example, if you’re working from home, you can heat your office space during the day without having to heat every other room in the house! You can also connect Orléans convectors and fan heaters to a thermostat directly linked to the Allia hub, even if you don’t have a wall thermostat. How’s that for simple?

Here are the main advantages of this technology:

  • Easy configuration of a huge range of products with your smartphone, whether you’re at home or elsewhere
  • Simplified, time saving system: everything can be controlled through the mobile app, which also allows you to group devices by room
  • Compatibility with voice assistants: the Allia system makes it super easy to turn everything on every day, which can really come in handy when you’re working from home and spending most of your time there
  • Remote control of a home environment (a cottage, for instance) by using the app to program controls
  • Access to your energy consumption
  • Savings of up to 25% on your heating bill

Want to learn more about the Allia ecosystem by Stelpro and the family of related smart products? Right this way!