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Architectural Baseboard

A heater with a lot to offer

ALC3A Discontinued product

The ALC3A is an impressive blend of contemporary design and superior performance. Its durable steel cabinet is decorated with an elegant aluminum grille and offers a remarkable heat density of 500 W per linear foot. Its unique airflow configuration compliments its appearance, as there is only one grille on the top of the unit. No stranger to perimeter installations, this draft barrier has become the leader in its class and a popular choice for professionals in the industry.

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  • Design and power combined
  • Three watt densities offered
  • Aesthetic extruded aluminum grille
  • Perfect for public placesShopping malls, hospitals, etc.
  • Blank sections availableFor a continuous effect


  • Standard: white, silica white
  • Optional: almond, black, textured charcoal, silver, clear anodized (paint), nickel, champagne, light bronze, dark brown (10% surcharge)


  • Epoxy-polyester powdercoat


  • Solid 18-gauge steel cabinet
  • Extruded aluminum grille with a thickness equivalent to 13 gauge
  • Bottom air intake and top air discharge
  • Thermal protection with automatic reset
  • Full-length wireway
  • Pencil-proof openings less than 1/4 in. (6.4 mm) prevent foreign objects from entering the unit


  • Double tubular elements, stainless steel sheathed with boxed aluminum fins for improved heat dissipation; the elements are securely fastened at their centers, floating in nylon sleeves at each end, eliminating expansion and contraction noises


  • Wall thermostat (not included) – the use of an electronic thermostat is strongly recommended
  • Built-in tamper-proof thermostat accessible without removing front grille, installed in the left or right junction box (optional)
  • Low voltage relay kit installed in the left or right junction box (optional)


  • Surface mounted
  • Wall or floor mounted with or without pedestal kit (optional)
  • At least 3 in. from the floor
  • Blank sections (custom lengths) and accessories are available for a continuous effect (optional)


  • Three years