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Bathroom Exhaust Fan 140 to 160 cfm

As strong as a vacuum cleaner

SQBF 140-160 Discontinued product

Manufactured to accommodate the largest bathrooms, the SQBF140 & SQBF160 bathroom exhaust fans have a 140-cfm & 160-cfm capacity respectively. They are part of the ultra-quiet series and are highly efficient. They are also certified by the Home Ventilating Institute (HVI) and have earned the ENERGY STAR® rating.

Product images

  • SQBF140 | BLANC


  • Very powerful140 and 160 cfm capacities
  • DiscreetThanks to its thin grill
  • Ultra quiet seriesVery quiet bathroom exhaust fan


  • White


  • Plastic grill with rounded corners
  • 4-inch duct
  • Very quiet fan


  • 13 x 13 in. grill


  • Wall switch (not included)


  • Ceiling recessed installation only
  • Installed on the ceiling joist using wooden headers (not included)
  • Installed on the ceiling joist using sliding brackets (included)
  • Installed in a finished ceiling using the mounting bracket (included)


  • Five years