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Bathroom Fan

Quality at a friendly price

BF-BFN Discontinued product

The °3 SERIES from Stelpro represents the best quality in its price range in the industry. With five models available, the Stelpro bathroom fan °3 SERIES offers a wide range of choices to answer all your needs.

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  • 46 to 103 sq.ft.
  • One type of installation
  • Removable motor and support, allowing easy installation by a single person


  • White


  • Plastic grille with rounded corners protected against UV rays
  • Model with light: BFNHL070 – heating light (R40 type bulb required – maximum 250 W) (not included)


  • Single wall switch (not included)
  • Double switch for the model with a heating light (independently controls the fan and the light) (not included)


  • Ceiling recessed installation only
  • Approved for usage above the shower or bath when connected to a (GFCI) protected, grounded circuit (except BFNHL070)
  • BFNHL070 model: installed against joist using wooden headers (not included) or sliding brackets (included)
  • All other models: installed against joist, fixed from the inside


  • One year