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Bathroom Fan

Choice of installation, performance and tranquility

BFSQ Discontinued product

With its optional dual speed fan, wide choice of capacities and three types of installation, the °1 SERIES is the professional’s choice. Ultra-quiet and with lifetime motor lubrication, the Stelpro bathroom fans °1 SERIES come with a 5-year warranty.

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  • Ultra-quiet
  • 46 to 168 sq.ft.
  • Optional dual speed fan
  • Light options (light and nightlight)
  • Removable motor and support, allowing easy installation by a single person
  • Choice of three types of installation
  • Efficient and silent, the ball-bearing motor is lubricated for life


  • White


  • UV protected plastic grille with rounded corners

Models with a light:

  • BFSQLI110-070 – incandescent light (75 W) acts as primary light (not included)
  • BFSQLF110-070 – fluorescent light (23 W) acts as primary light (included)
  • One light (4 W) acts as nightlight (included only with the BFSQLI110-070)


  • Single wall switch (the nightlight on models with a light cannot be used with this type of switch) (not included)
  • Triple switch for models with a light (optional)


  • Ceiling recessed installation only
  • Approved for installations above the shower or bath when installed on a (GFCI) protected circuit
  • Installed centered between joists with sliding
  • Installed against joist, fixed from the inside
  • Replacing an existing fan or in a finished ceiling


  • Five years