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Electric Furnace Modulating with Electronic Controls-ECM Motor

Modulation at its best

SEFECMB Discontinued product

A SEF furnace equipped with a modulating system and an ECM (electronically commutated motor) ensuring increased efficiency and a uniform airflow, that’s what the SEFECM has to offer. It’s the pinnacle of comfort and reliability. Thanks to the ECM, you will have the opportunity to use the continuous ventilation mode for less. Moreover, since it is more quiet than a PSC (permanent-split capacitor), you can enjoy continuous airflow which maintains constant temperature and increases the efficiency of your humidifier and filtration system. The ECM controls allow flexibility when choosing the desired airflow for each mode. A potentiometer allows to adjust the desired airflow with a high degree of accuracy, resulting in easier adjustments and maximum comfort. The SEFECM can also be installed in mobile homes using the FSB1 adapter.

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  • ECM motorHuge savings in continuous mode; uniform airflow regardless of the static pressure variations; the easiest adjustment on the market
  • Modulation of the heating elementsResulting in less temperature variations during cycles
  • Continuous mode at 2.5 or 5 kWIncreases the temperature to reduce feeling cold air currents in recirculation
  • Continuous high-low ventilation
  • Electronic controlsUser-friendly interface with pilot lights


  • Light charcoal


  • Powdercoated


  • Robust monopiece galvanized steel cabinet
  • Compartmentalized door providing easy access to all components
  • Disposable 20 x 20 in. air filter (included)
  • Compatibility mechanism for air conditioners and heat pumps (included)
  • Pilot lights that clearly identify the selected modes
  • 1 type of relay for all functions


  • Modulating elements for increased comfort
  • Elements separately framed allowing for quick and easy replacement
  • M-shaped elements supports increasing heat transfer surface


  • ECM (electronically commutated motor)


  • Easy-to-use modes
  • Automatic shut-down of the continuous heating modes, if needed
  • Power selector switch
  • Continuous ventilation switch (low or high speed)
  • Continuous heating switch (2.5 or 5 kW)
  • Simplified connexion system
  • Electronic board replacing the sequencers
  • Mechanical relays allowing for easy and low-cost maintenance


  • Three possible installation positions: upflow, downflow or horizontal
  • Installation directly against a wall (“zero inch” clearance)
  • Possible installation with 3 conductors


  • Five years