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Electronic Convector

Elegant, trendy, efficient, and more…

ASIL Discontinued product

The Silhouette electronic convector sets itself apart thanks to its modern and stylish look that will surely enhance your interior design. This unit is manufactured entirely in Canada, and is part of a wide product range, allowing uniformity throughout the house.There are 225 models available in different colors and sizes. In fact, there is something for everyone, regardless of the available space. Whether it is installed below a window, in your living room, on the side of the counter or in a child's bedroom, it is the perfect choice since it is safe, quiet, and easy to clean. Join thousands of satisfied customers and discover all the other benefits of our ASIL electronic convector!

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  • SIL | FACE


  • Completely silent operation
  • Built-in electronic thermostat equipped with all the same features as a wall thermostat
  • BacklightCan be used as a nightlight
  • Rounded corners
  • Wide range of models225 different models


  • Standard: white, almond, stainless steel (stainless steel available with surcharge – see the selection table)
  • Optional: black, light charcoal, silver, clear anodized, nickel, champagne, light bronze, dark brown (10% surcharge)


  • Epoxy-polyester powdercoat


  • 20-gauge steel cabinet
  • Bottom air intake and front air discharge
  • The cabinet height improves the chimney effect
  • Safe, rounded corners
  • Easy access to controls
  • Thermal protection with automatic reset


  • See the selection table


  • Aluminum extrusion, X-shaped one-piece to generate maximum heat


  • Built-in electronic thermostat with LCD display (SIL series)
  • Electronic wall thermostat (TE series)
  • Programmable electronic wall thermostat (PT series)
  • Automatic temperature lowering at night (Automatic mode)
  • Lock option at a maximum temperature set point (Security mode)


  • Surface mounting only
  • Wall-mounted at least 4 in. from the floor
  • Concealed wall mounting bracket (included)


  • Ten years for the element and one year for other components