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Electronic Thermostat – Multiple Programming

Programming is child’s play!

STE302P+ Discontinued product

Cost-saving programming, that’s what the STE302P thermostat has to offer. Life just got simpler and more comfortable thanks to its “Pre-Prog” mode that allows you to easily and quickly program a temperature setpoint. Offering 18 preset programs, users can easily choose from the most common settings or program their own custom settings.

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  • Preprogramming Includes 18 preset programs in “pre-prog” mode
  • Increased savings and comfortIncomparable accuracy
  • Anticipated startReach the temperature setpoint precisely at the programmed time
  • Backlit screenCan be used as a nightlight
  • Electricity savingsEnergy savings of 15-20% depending on use*


  • White


  • Molded plastic


  • 150 W to 1500 W @ 120 V
  • 260 W to 2600 W @ 208 V
  • 300 W to 3000 W @ 240 V


  • Two- or four-wire connection
  • Compatible with forced-air units (Fan mode)
  • Easily choose the desired preprogramming with one button
  • Possibility of four events on weekdays and four events on weekends
  • Anticipated start (the thermostat reaches the desired temperature at the requested time)
  • Frost-free warning

  • Lock option at a minimum and maximum temperature setpoint (Security mode)
  • Protection against power failure (two hours)
  • Time displayed in 12- or 24-hour mode
  • Display in Celsius or Fahrenheit


  • Accurate ambient temperature control of ± 1 °F
  • CSA C828-13
  • Temperature sensing with thermistor


  • 37 to 86 °F


  • Three years

* Independent study