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Heating Cable Twisted Pair

Cozy and warm from head to toe

CT Discontinued product

There is no greater sensation than having warm feet on a heated floor during the cold months of winter – just what Stelpro CT heating cable provides. It can be installed under a variety of floor coverings and it has virtually no electromagnetic field. Its small diameter allows easy handling while minimizing the overall floor thickness once the floor covering is in place. It’s ideal for any part of the house, including the hallway, bathroom, kitchen and basement. It’s also great for day care centres. Whether in one room or the entire house, it provides the warmth of even heat over the entire floor covering surface. Efficiency and safety combined!

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  • CT | ANGLE


  • No return to thermostat
  • Virtually no electromagnetic field
  • Complete kit includes cable, mounting brackets, hot glue and floor sensor
  • Flexible, easy to handle cable
  • Wide variety of lengths


  • Heating element covered with thermoplastic polymer
  • Return conductor covered with thermoplastic polymer
  • Small and highly flexible
  • Ultra-durable thermoplastic compound sheath


  • 9 W/sq.ft. (4 in. spacing)
  • 12 W/sq.ft. (3 in. spacing)


  • Electronic thermostat for heating cable (optional, floor sensor included with thermostat)


  • Cement slab or plywood subflooring
  • Plastic snap gauges (included)
  • Can be installed under most types of floor coverings* (ceramic tiles, slate, marble, granite, floating floors, laminates, vinyl tiles, linoleum, carpet, etc.)


  • Twenty five years

* For more information about the types of floor coverings under which you can safely install a heating cable, we strongly recommend that you contact a floor covering manufacturer.