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Modulating Electric Furnaces with Electronic Controls

The all-inclusive furnace


Our The Furnace line of products is the only one on the market equipped with a built-in temperature sensor that makes these furnaces very easy to install. Say goodbye to unpleasant temperature variations with our state-of-the-art electronic controls. All you need to do is choose the unit that best suits your needs. Silent SFEx and SFECM furnaces are equipped with an ECM motor and deliver significant energy savings.

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  • Easy to install and connect thanks to its built-in temperature sensor
  • Advanced eco-mode electronic controls for greater savings
  • Compatible with heat pump systems

Ideal for

  • Basement


  • Powder coat (charcoal)


  • Robust galvanized steel cabinet
  • Easy access to electronic board to adjust the various potentiometers
  • 20 in. x 20 in. air filter opening (filter not included)
  • Circuits composed exclusively of reliable relays


  • Modulating elements for increased comfort and separately framed allowing for quick and easy replacement


  • Totally enclosed, permanently lubricated motor
  • ECM – preset motor speed (SFEX model)
  • ECM – variable motor speed (SFECM model)


  • Electronic board that compensates when heat pump is in defrost mode
  • Easy-to-use modes
  • Continuous ventilation button (low or high speed)
  • Continuous heating button (min or max)
  • Simplified connection system
  • Mechanical relays allowing for easy and low-cost maintenance


  • Three possible installation positions: upflow, downflow or horizontal
  • Installation directly against a wall (“zero inch” clearance)
  • Three conductor installation possible


  • Five years