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Heating a room that is too cold

One wonders why, in some homes, a particular room is more difficult to heat than others. It’s nevertheless part of the same building constructed with the same materials by the same contractor. There are several reasons why this phenomenon may occur.


Before installing a unit or system in a room, it is wise to determine the source of the problem causing the lack of heat. It is therefore necessary to address such cases such as the lack of insulation in walls, windows, ceilings or even the floor if the room is just above a garage that is rarely heated or unheated. We can fix these issues as needed.

You must also check that the heater in the room is functioning well. Are the air outlets unobstructed? Is the thermostat in working condition? Have the proper clearances been met during installation?

But there are cases where we cannot easily intervene on the particularities of the house and installation. For example, if the room has a fenestration leaving little sunshine to pass through or if its largest wall leading outside is squarely facing north. A small kitchen may not have the necessary free wall space to install a heater. It may be difficult to insulate the floor of a room above a garage.


Here are some solutions to compensate for the lack of heat in a particular room of the house without having to move heaven and earth.

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When there is sufficient space to install one, an electric baseboard or convector can be a very effective solution. Some models can even be directly and quickly plugged into a residential 120V power outlet, making installation much easier.

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A small wall fan heater is also a possible solution for fast and efficient heat. It easily fits in small spaces or sometimes on certain types of cabinets. They can be recessed or not, depending on the application. They are great for the hallway, corridor, kitchen, bathroom, the staircase of the basement, etc.

Chauffer une pièce souvent trop froide


A “kick space” fan heater is a great unit to compensate for the lack of space in the kitchen and bathroom. It is installed directly at the height of the recessed molding under the cabinet of the sink or washbasin.

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A little known unit, called the “radiant” heater, adds an unexpected comfort to a room. It doesn’t take any space away from occupants because it is installed above a window or terrace door and directs its “solar” rays diagonally downwards in the room.

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There is also another unit to solve the lack of space: the ceiling fan heater. This can be recessed or surface installed. It is very comforting to have heat right above you when washing dishes or stepping out of the shower or tub.



Those who wish to add heating from the floor will find satisfaction in floor heating systems. On top of being completely invisible, these systems are the ideal solution for people suffering from allergies as they do not displace air or dust in the air. This is the most sought, after heating system, and most comfortable, in rooms with ceramic tiles: the kitchen and bathroom.

Finally, there is an indirect way of compensating for the lack of warmth in a room located above a garage: add a good dose of heat to it. How? By installing a convector, a fan heater designed specifically for this task or even electric baseboards.

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To further improve your comfort, it’s a good idea to connect one or more of these devices to electronic or smart thermostats that precisely calibrate their energy demand; indeed, they may even already be equipped with them. Stelpro electronic and smart thermostats are the perfect complement for all these products.