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Think green with transition énergétique québec’s programs

01 July 2020

The fight against climate change is probably the most critical issue for our society. Each gesture counts and makes a difference!

Energy consumption in Canada increased by 31 % between 1990 and 2014.

During this same period, the energy efficiency or the ability to reduce energy consumption increased by 25 % on average during the same period.

The government launched Transition énergétique Québec in 2013 and adopted many measures to ensure it was doing its part for the environment. Among these measures is the Novoclimat certification process, which grants financial assistance to homeowners looking to change their energy consumption habits. In addition to contributing to the planet’s well-being, Novoclimat can help you save a lot of money.

You can further reduce your electricity bill and environmental footprint by adding a Maestro smart thermostat to your Novoclimat-certified home.

Stelpro products such as the Maestro smart thermostat can help you reduce your energy consumption for each of the current programs. In some cases, you can save up to 25% on electricity.

When you add Transition énergétique Québec’s programs to the mix, you increase your savings (and help the environment) even more.

Quebec produced 99.8 % of its electricity from renewable energy sources in 2016. 95.2 % of this renewable energy is hydroelectric.


The Chauffez vert initiative has been so successful that the government has extended it until March 31, 2021. Chauffez vert provides financial assistance if you replace a more polluting heating system with an alternative renewable energy system, such as one driven by electricity.

All you need to do is submit an application (and wait for it to be approved) before replacing your system. That’s it!


Do you have plans to renovate your home? Rénoclimat could save you a lot of money! This program, which has also been renewed until March 31, 2021, can help you improve your home’s energy efficiency when you renovate. For example, if you have insulation work done to save energy, you are eligible for government assistance.

RénoVert tax credits are also available to homeowners who carry out their work in an eco-responsible manner. To this end, there are several certified contractors you can call on to help you.


The government’s incentives regarding the adoption of more eco-friendly habits also benefit low-income households.

If you are a less fortunate landlord or tenant, you can get free personalized advice from energy consumption experts. Moreover, Éconologis can help you make the switch to electronic thermostats, which offer better energy savings than mechanical thermostats.


Recent technological advances in heating make it possible to adapt your energy consumption to your daily activities. Smart thermostats can even track your consumption in real time and are a good tool to help you reduce your environmental footprint, as well as your electricity bill.

And that’s just the beginning! In the near future, many other heating innovations will be available to help you stay comfortable and give the planet a helping hand.

80 % of Canadian electricity comes from non-greenhouse gas emitting sources.