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Make-up Air Unit

Get some fresh air... Indoors!

MUA Discontinued product

The MUA distributes tempered fresh air to provide maximum comfort to the occupants in a well-ventilated home. The heating elements modulate continuously, allowing to heat fresh air at a lower cost. Compact and flexible, this unit has multiple installation positions (horizontal, vertical upflow or downflow). The MUA meets ASHRAE 62.2 requirements (Ventilation and acceptable indoor air quality in low-rise residential buildings).

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  • The quietest in the market
  • Powerful, high quality centrifugal fanMaintains the airflow required at a high static pressure
  • Multiple installation positions (6 in. Model)
  • Three operating modesProgrammable low speed, high speed and intermittent
  • Easy access to electrical and mechanical components


  • 22-gauge galvanized steel cabinet resistant to corrosion


  • Removable electronic elements with automatic thermal protection
  • Manual thermal protection
  • Built-in temperature sensor
  • Spring butterfly damper with gasket
  • Easily accessible, washable aluminum filter


  • Open, nichrome elements
  • Modulation of the elements by the SSR technology to maintain a constant temperature using only the required energy


  • Wall control (6 in. model)
  • Terminal strip for exhaust fan (6 in. model)
  • Current switch to synchronize with activation of an exhaust fan (8 in. model)


  • 6 in. or 8 in. round duct
  • Horizontal, vertical upflow or downflow
  • “Zero inch” clearance from flammable materials


  • Three years