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Smart resistive load controller

Link up to the Allia smart load controller

SALC0503ZB New

With the Allia Smart Resistive Load Controller, you can set your electric water heater, pool heat pump or outdoor lighting to operate only when needed from your phone, wherever you are. Perfect for other large residential and commercial resistive loads such as neon signs, it is compatible with our Allia Hub. Moreover, the Allia app has several features specifically designed to save you money on your electricity bill.

Product images

  • Stelpro CCR


  • Control at your fingertips with the Allia app By connecting the load controller to the Allia hub
  • Optimize device useBased on your lifestyle
  • Energy savings With usage-based consumption


  • Allia Hub, Hilo Hub or Zigbee Hub required


  • Zigbee 3.0


  • White


  • Moulded plastic


  • With the Allia app:
    • Remote control
    • Time or astronomical programming
    • On/off control


  • Three years

Product Nominal voltage (VCA) 120 240 277 347 Price CAD
SALC0503ZB Resistive 50 A 20 A $170.00 CAD
Incandescent 20 A N/A
Magnetic ballast 20 A 15 A
Electronic ballast 15 A N/A
Motor 1.5 HP 3 HP N/A