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Cable Spacers


Cable Spacer installation is one of the two approved heating cable installation methods; the other is with an uncoupling membrane. These patented Cable Spacers have been tried and tested. Made of moulded plastic and rounded in shape, they prevent any damage to the heating cable.

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  • Industry-leading design
  • Safe for cable
  • Easy to install
  • Maintains an ideal heating cable bending radius
  • Uniform heat dissipation with no air gaps


  • The Cable Spacers are compatible with all installation surfaces.
  • They make it possible to install all types of floor coverings approved for radiant heating.
  • They can be covered with thin-set mortar or self-leveling underlay.


Code Description Price CAD
CGS-STRIP-10 Cable Spacers (pack of 10 units, 12 in. each) $21.95 CAD