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Floor Sensor


The Floor Sensor is compatible with our PS120/240NP non-programmable thermostats and our PS120/240WF Wi-Fi programmable thermostats. It is required to read the floor’s temperature and possibly limit its temperature for flexible or wooden floor coverings.

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  • Your True Comfort system includes two floor temperature sensorsOne sensor is included in the thermostat box and the other with the heating mat or heating cable.



  • Type of sensor: NTC 10 K
  • Nominal resistance: 10 kiloohms at 25°C/ 77°F
  • Length of floor sensor wire: 15′


Only one floor sensor needs to be connected to the thermostat. The second, if present, must be installed in the floor but is not connected to the thermostat. This precaution avoids having to break the floor covering if a sensor’s operation is compromised.

When replacing a sensor, we recommend inserting the sensor in the joint between two tiles, to make the work easier.

If doing so isn’t possible, the best option is to locate the heating cables using an infrared camera before removing the floor covering. This type of camera has become affordable and can be procured in tool rental centres.

The new temperature sensor must be installed between two cable runs, at least one foot into the heated zone away from any source of heat or cold, without crossing the heating cable.

Carefully remove the floor covering, without damaging the heating cable. Then, scrape off the cement-glue between two cable runs so that you can route the sensor wire to the wall and then to the thermostat junction box.

Before installing the sensor, remove the excess cement-glue so that you can easily replace the floor covering.

Glue the sensor and its wire to the floor using a hot glue gun. Bear in mind that the temperature sensor is located at the end of the wire and must be installed exactly halfway between two heating cable runs.

Install your new floor covering, making sure that the heating cable and temperature sensor are encapsulated in thin-set mortar.

If you are not comfortable doing this work, contact a heating cable repairer or True Comfort Customer Service.

Code Description Price CAD
STSCC Thermal floor probe compatible with the PS120/240NP & PS120/240WF thermostats $30.95 CAD