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Stelpro is North America's largest electric heating appliance manufacturer. Our products are designed and manufactured in Quebec to the highest quality standards in the industry. A trusted brand among professionals, Stelpro offers a range of electric heating products and unique controls to meet both residential and commercial needs.

Our know-how

We are proud to be the North American leader in providing comfort solutions that bring together design, performance and innovation to transform your spaces into unique environments.

We are committed to reinventing the electric heating industry so that selecting a system is no longer an obligation, but rather a deliberate, conscientious choice.

We are committed to exceeding the expectations of our customers and partners to create a world where responsible energy use is the standard for all.

Finally, our unmatched quality control ensures that we offer the best warranty in the industry, making Stelpro the brand trusted by professionals since 1981!

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Introducing Allia

Allia reinvents Stelpro's 360 comfort by offering you a complete range of products to make your home truly smart. Discover an ecosystem designed and manufactured in North America that integrates all elements harmoniously and is tailored to your needs and lifestyle. Make informed and balanced choices for your family and the environment with this intuitive and user-friendly system.

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