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Multipurpose Portable Heater

Efficient, safe and versatile


Despite its small size, this indispensable rapid heating heater is the type of unit most often found on construction sites thanks to its high output. Its durability lies in its sturdy painted steel construction, a proven protective grille and a nichrome electrical heating element which, when switched on, produces immediate heat. There's nothing like it to keep you warm!

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  • Safe and rugged20-gauge steel
  • “Cool touch” housing
  • 4800 W housed in a small unit
  • Open coil generates instant heat
  • Can be installed on the wall or ceiling with a mounting(sold separately)

Ideal for

  • Construction site


  • Standard: red


  • Epoxy-polyester powdercoat


  • 20-gauge steel cabinet
  • Sturdy handle for portability that also serves as cord rack and which adapts to the mounting bracket
  • 6 ft. (2 m) 12 Awg. molded cable with 3-prong grounded
  • Thermal protection with automatic reset
  • Additional thermal protection provided by a fuse-link (must be replaced if triggered)
  • Pilot lights indicate when power is on and when thermal protection has been activated


  • 250 CFM fan


  • Nichrome element ensuring increased comfort
  • Cone-shaped to concentrate the air around the element


  • Built-in thermostat with control knob protector


  • Connects to a standard 30 A 250 V (ASCH48T) or a 20 A 250 V (ASCH40T) grounded receptacle
  • Mounting bracket (sold separately) that can rotate at 360° while preventing the unit from tipping


  • Two years