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Who we are

Stelpro is a family-owned business established in Quebec in 1981, renowned in the electric heating industry, heating cables, ventilation (HVAC) and electronic controls. North American leader in its market, Stelpro offers quality heating products designed and manufactured in Canada that provide maximum performance, safety and innovative design.

"Stelpro is the story of a family business that has quickly become one of the jewels of Quebec entrepreneurship."


Our mission

Stelpro offers electric heating solutions that meet users’ needs efficiently to optimize comfort, enhance living spaces and promote better energy management.

Our values

Respect | Collaboration | Passion | Excellence | Creativity



We are Stelpro.

We are committed.

We are committed to reinventing the electric heating industry so that choosing a system is no longer an obligation, but a conscientious choice.

We are proud.

We are proud to be the North American leader in comfort solutions that bring together design, performance and innovation to turn your spaces into unique environments.

We are determined.

We are determined to exceed the expectations of our customers and partners to create a world where responsible energy use is everyone’s benchmark.

We are Stelpro. We develop remarkable and innovative comfort solutions.

1 million +heating products per year
286,000 sq. ft.efficient working environment

Stelpro employs more than 500 people and has a plant in Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville. Every year, it produces over 1 000,000 heating units and more than 500,000 electronic controls, including the new Maestro™ smart thermostat.

Our management team

Yves Chabot


François Séguin

Vice-President, Operations

Pierre-Yves Martin

Vice-President, Sales and Business Development

Étienne Guay

Vice-President, Marketing and Product Innovation

Patrick Beauchamp

Vice-President, Finance and IT


The history of Stelpro since its foundation is first and foremost that of a visionary company that has anticipated the market’s needs. Over the years, the company has earned the confidence of consumers, professionals and its partners and achieved  the enviable status of being the No. 1 manufacturer of electric heating appliances in North America. Stelpro continually reinvents the heating industry with its value-added philosophy based on design and technology that transcend the purely functional nature of devices. It is firmly established in the smart home market with its range of connected products and is laying the groundwork to become a major energy transition player.



  • Employees: from 1 to 30
  • Square footage: 25,000
  • Territory covered: Quebec
Armed with an undeniable flair for business, a desire for improvement and a marked desire for innovation, John Chabot founds Chalair Électrik, the company that will later become Stelpro, in Drummondville in 1981. From its early years, the company made its mark in the heating industry by developing and launching innovative products, like the first open element construction heater and the smallest and quietest recessable residential fan heater. The unit in question, the Pulsair/RWF, is still on the market, proving that the company was already at the forefront of its field at this time.



Expansion and acquisition

  • Employees: 150
  • Square footage: 46,000
  • Territory covered: Canada
The 1990s are a time of growth and change. First, the company moves to Boucherville; then in 1994, it acquires its competitor, Stelpro Chauffage ltée, thereby opening the doors to the Canadian market. By the end of the decade, Yves Chabot and his brother, a second generation of entrepreneurs, have joined the company. On the commercial level, the company breaks new ground again with the launch of the Dragon ceiling fan heater. Usine de boucherville



Continued expansion and diversification

  • Employees: 200
  • Square footage: 118,000
  • Territory covered: Canada
The beginning of the millennium marks a wind of change as the company continues to expand. A new head office and a state-of-the-art plant are built in St-Bruno-de-Montarville, and Chalair Électrik and Stelpro Chauffage merge to become Stelpro Design Inc. With an improved integrated production capacity that makes it the Canadian leader in its category, the new entity launches another phase of development by launching its heating cable division, always with a view to serving its customers well.




  • Employees: 310
  • Square footage: 198,600
  • Territory covered: Canada and emerging onto the U.S. market
The two Chabot brothers take over as company Co-Presidents, consolidate the company’s leadership position in Canada and enter the U.S. market. The creation of the Electronic Controls Division through the acquisition of the Synapse plant and the HVAC Division makes it possible for Stelpro to offer a full range of products that provide heating and control solutions for residential, commercial and institutional needs. These changes do not come at the expense of innovation. The company continues to reinvent the heating industry by launching the B baseboard, which is still a benchmark on the market, the sturdiest in its category and the first baseboard with a built-in electronic thermostat.



New vision

  • Employees: 430
  • Square footage: 216,600
  • Territory covered: North America
Yves Chabot becomes the sole president of Stelpro. Now a major player in the North American market, the company revamps its brand image and logo to better reflect its aspirations. “Stelpro, 360 Comfort” offers heating solutions tailored to each specific situation to ensure comfort for all.


Since 2016


  • Employees: 490
  • Square footage: 286,000
  • Territory covered: North America
Stelpro, well established as a North American leader, continues its expansion across all its product divisions (heating, cables, HVAC and controls) and sales channels (electrical, HVAC and retail). The company keeps focusing on value-added design and technology to set itself apart and offer its customers still greater added value. Moreover, the launch of the Maestro ecosystem puts the company in an enviable position in the connected home world. Today, Stelpro remains a visionary company with a plan to become a major energy transition player in North America while continuing to create innovative and distinctive comfort solutions.