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Low Voltage Smaller-Sized Electronic Relays


Due to their small size, they can be fitted in a heating unit’s junction box. A variety of models are available to meet your needs.

Product images

  • RE153 | FACE


  • With transformer (RE153T)
  • Compatible with STE241, T822K1018U and T87K1007U thermostats
  • Compact size
  • 3 to 32 VDC pulse or all or nothing (ON/OFF) signal
  • Delivers more precise temperature control when paired with the right thermostat


  • Pulsed signal (PWM) or all or nothing (on/off) at 24 Vac, 3-32 Vdc signal
  • With a transformer (RE153T)
  • Compatible with the STE241, T822K1018U and T87K1007U thermostats
  • Two additional relays without transformers can be added to the same control circuit as a relay with a transformer
  • Installing more than four relays without transformers to the same thermostat is not recommended


  • The relays must be installed inside the junction box of the heating unit


  • Three years