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Universal Heating Cable

Choose optimal and uniform heat


The SCU universal heating cable is a safe, durable and maintenance-free heating solution that radiates heat evenly over the entire floor surface. Easy to install, this universal product can be fitted over an uncoupling membrane or with cable spacers and is ideal for all rooms in the house, whether in a new construction or a renovation project. Enjoy the unmatched comfort of floor heating!

Product images

  • SCU | KIT
  • SCU-MEM-054 | FACE


  • Energy efficient, quiet, and safe
  • Easy to install with cable spacers or uncoupling membranes
  • Flexible, easy-to-handle cable

Ideal for

  • Basement
  • Bathroom
  • Bedroom
  • Daycare center
  • Kitchen
  • Living room
  • Rooms with limited space


  • Diameter suitable for use with an uncoupling membrane
  • Heating elements sheathed in thermoplastic polymer insulation
  • Dual heating element that allows for a return to the thermostat inside the cable (therefore, cable route planning doesn’t need to include a return to the thermostat)
  • Tin-plated copper braiding for better corrosion resistance


  • 12 W/ft2 – 3 spaces (with a membrane or cable spacers)
  • 9 W/ft2 – 4 spaces (cable spacers)


  • Electronic thermostat for floor heating (sold separately)

Note: a temperature sensor is included with the SCU product and another with the Stelpro electronic thermostat.


  • With any uncoupling membrane
  • Directly on concrete (slab or basement floor) using the cable spacers (included with the product)
  • Directly on plywood using the cable spacers (included with the product)
  • Glue sticks included
  • Under most floor coverings*, so long as the heating cable is completely covered with self-leveling mortar


  • Twenty-five years

* For more information on floor coverings that can be installed over a heating cable, we strongly recommend that you check with the floor covering manufacturers in question.