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Agricultural Unit Heater

The premier choice for agriculture

FUHGX Discontinued product

The FUHGX is specially designed to meet the needs of agricultural buildings, such as henhouses, stables, barns and dairies. It’s built to last thanks to its satincoat finish, resistant to humidity and corrosion. The FUHGX’s low density element assures heating power without over-heating. In addition, its motor is sealed and lubricated for life, making it maintenance-free. With manual thermal protection and a fan switch for fan use only, it’s the ultimate in efficiency and safety for farms and other agricultural settings.

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  • Specially designed to meet the needs of agricultural buildings
  • Humidity and corrosionresistant satincoatfinish cabinet
  • Low density element maintains a lower cabinet temperature
  • Ball-bearing motor sealed and lubricated for life
  • Manual thermal protectionWith pilot light
  • Fan switch for fan use only


  • Charcoal


  • Satincoat steel cabinet, coated with a high-quality epoxy powder paint making it 10 times more resistant to corrosion


  • Robust, 18-gauge satincoat steel cabinet
  • Five adjustable louvers and safety wire mesh
  • Accessible thermal protection with manual reset
  • Pilot light indicates when thermal protection has been activated
  • Easy access junction box
  • Holes on the bottom eliminate humidity accumulation inside the unit


  • Lubricated for life and totally enclosed ball-bearing motor


  • Nickel-plated and sealed with silicone to prevent corrosion
  • Low density element helps to keep cabinet temperature lower than that of a conventional heater


  • Fan switch allows the unit to operate as a fan only
  • Fan delay allows the unit to cool down before shutting off


  • Double pole built-in thermostat (included)


  • Wall or ceiling with universal mounting bracket (included)


  • Three years