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Persia Heating Cable Mat

Like walking on warm sand

SFM Discontinued product

Invite a touch of luxury into your home with the Persia heating cable mat. This unique Stelpro product is made of a custom-designed canvas that protects the cable during installation and can be tailored to any room’s specific features. Simply unroll the mat to install.

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  • SFM | FACE2


  • Standard and customized models available to suit any type of project
  • Quick, easy and safe installation
  • Silent and saves on energy


  • Twin heating cables sheathed in high-quality thermoplastic polymers and laminated on both sides with a durable, non-woven fabric
  • Very thin (less than 1/8 in. thick)
  • Standard length of 10 feet for the power lead wires (other lengths available by special order)
  • 12 W/sq.ft. (at 120 V or 240 V)
  • 9 W/sq.ft. (at 208 V)


  • Electronic thermostat for heating cable (optional, floor sensor included with thermostat)


  • Can be installed on either side, in any direction
  • Concrete slab or plywood subflooring
  • Compatible with all types of mortar, adhesive mortar, polymer-modified mortar (thinset) and self-levelling mortar typically used for floor coverings (see the installation guide)
  • Can be installed under most types of floor coverings* (ceramic tiles, slate, marble, granite, engineered flooring, laminate flooring, vinyl tiles, linoleum, carpet, etc.)


  • Twenty-five years

* For more information about the types of floor coverings under which you can safely install a heating cable mat, we strongly recommend you contact the relevant floor covering manufacturers.