Orchestrate your comfort

Maestro, our most advanced smart thermostat to date, is designed to give you full control over your comfort. Thanks to its features and user-friendly mobile interface, you can now manage and personalize your home's heating easily and save on your electricity bill.

Designed, manufactured and tested in Canada, Maestro is perfectly suited to our rigorous conditions and the zone heating systems widely used here.

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Save up to


on your electricity bill… and do something for the planet at the same time!

*Study conducted by an independent university team

Anticipated start

Since it has access to weather data, Maestro takes into account the outside temperature to reach the desired temperature at the perfect time.

Colour codes for sensible choices

To help you manage the heating of your home, Maestro uses an intuitive colour code that helps you make the best decisions for your wallet as well as the environment.

Energy consumption tracking

Since it gives you access to real-time reports, Maestro helps you identify potential sources of savings.

The Maestro application:
Comfort at your fingertips

Group rooms into zones

You can set up zones (e.g., bedrooms or the basement) to make managing your heating even simpler.

Smartphone alerts

Is there a window open in the house? Maestro lets you know and adapts the heating in the room to avoid overheating. Good news from an insurance point of view!

Control according to your activities

Planning a workout session? Tell Maestro, and it will adjust the temperature for the relevant time period.

Geofencing: Comfort follows you wherever you go

Thanks to the Maestro app's geofencing feature (on your smartphone), Maestro knows when you arrive and leave home, allowing it to adjust the temperature accordingly.

Track your energy consumption

Since it gives you access to real-time reports, Maestro helps you identify potential sources of savings.

The most comprehensive smart heating solution

Made and designed for Canada

Works with all electric baseboards, convectors and fan heaters

Designed and tested for our winters and changing weather

Quick and easy installation

As easy to install as a regular thermostat

Compatible with your current electrical equipment

Safety first

Encrypted data

Secure network connection

Contractors and electricians, be among the first industry professionals to be Maestro trained and certified, so you have all the tools you need to be part of this revolution.

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The most complete intelligent heating solution


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