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Design and safety standards of electronic thermostats

Stelpro electronic thermostats are designed to meet the highest safety standards. Each unit is certified by agencies such as CSA, […]


Think green with transition énergétique québec’s programs

The fight against climate change is probably the most critical issue for our society. Each gesture counts and makes a […]


Use and maintenance of electronic thermostats

Like any electric heating system component, electronic thermostats require special attention to prevent incidents. Here are a few simple methods […]


The importance of getting an electrician to install a unit

Stelpro’s high-performance, modern and functional products are sure to enhance your home’s comfort and will warm up the room as […]


Total comfort in the bathroom

If there’s one place you want to be warm, it’s in the bathroom. Stelpro offers many interesting options to create […]


Maintenance of your heating units

All we ask from our electric heaters is to work, right? But too often they are left to their own […]

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Preparing your home for winter

Cold and wind are the main enemies to defeat during the winter in Canada. This battle will obviously only be […]

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The difference between 120 volts and 240 volts

Should we discuss 120/240 volts or 110/220 volts? Many people still raise this question. The 110/220 volts has become a […]


5 easy ways to save energy

As shown in the graph below, heating accounts for more than half of the electricity consumption of an average home. […]

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Electrical heating and the environment

Electric heating used in homes and public places has an edge over other types of heating: it does not pollute. […]

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The benefits of electric heating

Electric heating systems owe their popularity to the many advantages they offer. Moreover, they’re not only affordable, safe and comfortable, […]


Heating a room that is too cold

One wonders why, in some homes, a particular room is more difficult to heat than others. It’s nevertheless part of […]


The importance of buying canadian

Is buying Canadian products important for Canadians? In the past, as consumers, we didn’t think about the long-term effects of […]

Heated floors

The advantages of floor heating

By floor heating we mean the surface of the room on which we walk and under which you will find […]


A portrait of electricity in canada

Electricity is certainly one of the major concerns of Canadians since the late nineteenth century. It was a kind of […]


Types of units suitable for use in the kitchen

Our kitchen is the focal point of our living space. Given that it is often part of the open areas […]

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Types of electrical heaters

Types of energy and cost associated with heaters for a medium-sized house with 4 occupants.


Calculating the right wattage for a room

It would be useful to know the magic formula that would give us exactly the amount of heat required to […]

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Electronic thermostat vs mechanical thermostats

The electronic thermostat already has a great reputation, but do we really know why that is? It is by far […]