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Since Tuesday, 23 February 2021, 04:00
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Oxford Vertical Unit Heater

The unit heater that likes to fly high


The VUH stands out for its all-out, uncompromising power. Its best feature is that it continuously circulates air by drawing in the hot air mass trapped high up and redirecting it straight down in all directions. This is the ultimate unit heater for large, high-ceilinged spaces.

Product images

  • VUH | FACE


  • Accumulated heat recovery system draws in residual hot air and blows it to where it is needed thanks to its side openings
  • Conical fuse blowers (optional): three models available according to desired air volume
  • Fully sealed bearing motor
  • Ideal for large areas with high ceilings

Ideal for

  • Factory
  • Indoor parking garage
  • Warehouse


  • Charcoal


  • Epoxy-polyester powdercoat


  • Heavy-duty, 16-gauge steel cabinet
  • Three sizes of cone diffusers available for better air distribution
  • Thermal protection with automatic reset


  • Totally enclosed with ball bearings


  • Tubular element sheathed with spiral-wound fins for improved heat dissipation


  • 24 V, 120 V or 240 V control circuit
  • Terminal block for remote fan control
  • All units have factory installed contactors
  • Connection of multiple units to the same thermostat is possible with a relay kit without transformer (optional) and an external transformer (not provided)


  • 4 1/2 in. (12.7 mm) mounting holes (5 kW to 10 kW units) for threaded rods (13-thread) (threaded rods not provided)
  • Four eyebolts for chain suspension (15 kW to 60 kW units)


  • Three years