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Low Voltage Electromechanical Relays


Some relays can be installed in a unit's junction box while others cannot. A variety of models are available to meet all your needs.

Product images

  • RM120T | FACE
  • RM240T | FACE
  • RM347T | FACE
  • RM347C | FACE


  • With 24 V transformer (except for RM347C)
  • Compatible with T822K1034, T87K1015 and ET180 thermostats
  • Can be installed in heating unit junction box (check each heater's list of accessories)
  • 120 V to 600 V depending on the model


  • All or nothing (on/off)
  • With a 24 V transformer (with exception of the RM347C w/o transformer)
  • Wompatible with the T822K1034, T87K1015 and ET180 thermostats (the RM347C w/o a transformer is also compatible with the STE241 and D010 thermostats)
  • Installing more than four relays without a transformer to the same thermostat is not recommended (two relays without a transformer if connected to a STE241 thermostat)
  • No additional relay can be connected to the same control circuit as a relay with a transformer


  • These relays can be installed in an external junction box
  • These relays may or may not be installed in the junction box of the heating unit (see the accessories table for the heating unit)


  • One year