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Architectural Baseboard

Perimeter heating with style


The SCA draft barrier architectural baseboard is a smart choice to solve peripheral supplementary heating needs. Well suited for commercial buildings, it can be installed under glass surfaces. While small and discreet, it's also very efficient.

Product images

  • SCA | Ambiance
  • SCA | Ambiance
  • SCA | Ambiance
  • SCA | Angle
  • SCA | FACE




  • Rugged casingSpecifically designed for high-traffic public areas
  • Perfect for public spacesSchools, shopping centres, hospitals, etc.
  • 6 mm (1/4 in.) openings that restrict access to the elementsSafer casing
  • Available in three watt densitiesMeets all your needs
  • Blank sections, pedestals and finished backs availableCustomizable installation

Ideal for

  • Hospital
  • School
  • Shopping mall



  • Epoxy-polyester powdercoat


  • 18-gauge steel cabinet and 16-gauge steel front panel
  • Front air intake and top air discharge
  • Thermal protection with automatic reset
  • Full-length wireway


  • Single tubular, stainless steel sheathed element with boxed aluminum fins for improved heat dissipation; the element is securely fastened at its centre, floating in nylon sleeves at each end, eliminating expansion and ontraction noises


  • Wall thermostat (not included) – the use of an electronic thermostat is strongly recommended
  • Built-in tamper-proof thermostat accessible without removing front grille, installed in the left junction box only (optional)
  • Low voltage relay kit installed in the left or right junction box (optional)


  • Surface mounted
  • Wall or floor mounted with or without pedestal kit (optional)
  • Wiring compartments at both ends of unit
  • Blank sections (custom lengths) and accessories are available for a continuous look (optional)


  • Three years