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Fan Heater for Bathrooms

Warmth from “toe to head”!

SHCB Discontinued product

The SHC family now offers not only convection but also forcedair, making it the most versatile family of heaters for the home and office. The cold air enters through the front of this heater and warm air shoots out of the bottom to first warm the cold floor and then rise up to heat the whole room, just like our PULSAIR™, heating you from your toes to your head. This all new heater does not compromise on performance, offering dual wattages and classic controls which include a built-in thermostat and booster option. Stelpro is not just measuring comfort on performance, but also by how satisfied you will be by having one uniform look for the whole house! That’s a 360 solution!

Product images

  • SHCB blanc


  • Instantaneous heat
  • Optimum heat output2000 w of power with timer
  • Member of the SHC familyCompact and efficient
  • The perfect choice for bathrooms


  • White


  • Epoxy-polyester powdercoat


  • 22-gauge steel cabinet and front
  • Centrifugal fan ensuring a quiet and efficient airflow
  • Thermal protection with automatic reset
  • Front air intake and bottom air discharge
  • Rounded sides for safety


  • High quality nichrome element producing instant heat


  • Built-in thermostat ensuring a regular 1000 W forced-air heating (included)
  • 30-minute built-in timer for rapid 2000 W forced-air heating (included)


  • Surface mounted
  • Wall mounted at least 10 in. from the floor


  • Five years