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Allia Smart Home Hub

The Allia ecosystem's centrepiece

SAHUB001 Discontinued product

The Allia hub is essential for creating your smart home. It connects all network-compatible smart appliances such as thermostats, light bulbs, switches and more. Once these are linked, you can control your smart home using the Allia app, which has many features specifically designed to keep you comfortable and save you money on your electricity bill. Partner up with Allia!

Product images

  • SAHUB001 | Ambiance
  • SAHUB001 | FACE


  • Smart homeControl your heating, lighting, smoke detector and more
  • Create scenesFor 360° comfort in all the rooms of your home
  • Mesh networkEach of the connected products repeats the Zigbee signal and extends it throughout the home
  • Connect compatible Zigbee devicesUp to 65 devices


  • White


  • Molded plastic


  • 120 V outlet (3 ft/1 m)
  • Ethernet cable (3 ft/1 m)


  • Zigbee 3.0
  • SEP 1.1b (Hilo compatible)


  • Ethernet connection
  • iOS 11.0 or Android 6.0 and above smartphone
  • Stelpro’s Allia app


  • 20 thermostats
  • 10 dimmers
  • 10 light bulbs
  • 25 smart switches and sockets (in combination)


  • Three years