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Total comfort in the bathroom

30 June 2020

If there’s one place you want to be warm, it’s in the bathroom. Stelpro offers many interesting options to create a cocoon of perfectly controlled warmth. Say goodbye to goosebumps when you get out of the shower!


Ideal for small rooms, such as powder rooms or bathrooms, fan heaters offer a rapid rise in temperature at exactly the right time thanks to their heat “boost” mode. Stelpro offers two fan heater models that will blend in with your decor and suit your budget, as well as keep your oasis a relaxing and warm place.


With its rounded corners and refined look, the Oasis fan heater will blend in perfectly with any decor. Equipped with an optional ultra-precise electronic thermostat, it’s discreet and very quiet so that you can enjoy your moments of relaxation to the fullest.

Chauffer une pièce souvent trop froide


Get comfort worthy of the poshest spas with the ORLÉANS high-end convector. This unit is the quietest heater in its category and will envelop you in warmth in record time. You can purchase it with an optional built-in thermostat that’s smart-home ready. Peace of mind guaranteed!


Is there anything more unpleasant than placing your feet on a cold floor after a relaxing bath? Installing floor heating is an affordable luxury that will eliminate these minor inconveniences. Floor heating can be installed in an existing home as well as a new home and doesn’t take up any space in a room or require any special maintenance. Moreover, it provides uniform heat and is completely silent and invisible.

Stelpro offers you two high-performance products to make your bathroom floor warm and comfy. You can opt for a heating cable installed with a membrane or cable spacers or for a ready-to-use heating cable mat.



Easy to install, Stelpro’s SCU universal heating cable will guarantee you uniform heat that will envelop you from head to toe. The SCU cable is very versatile and comes in rolls with various lengths and can be installed with an uncoupling membrane or cable spacers. It is compatible with most floor coverings and makes for a safe, durable and maintenance-free heating solution. Comfort guaranteed!

Chauffer une pièce souvent trop froide


S’installant en un tournemain, le tapis de câble chauffant Persia de Stelpro est une solution simple pour vous offrir le confort du sable chaud directement dans votre salle de bain. Efficace, discret, silencieux; il peut rapidement être installé sous la plupart des revêtements de sol. Un vrai tapis magique!


Keep in mind that every room has its specific features and that the high-performance heater suitable for the kitchen will not necessarily be suitable for the bathroom. Ask your electrician about choosing the right type of unit for your real-life heating needs. That way, you’ll be sure to turn your bathroom into an oasis of warmth where you can truly escape from it all!