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Types of units suitable for use in the kitchen

29 June 2020

Our kitchen is the focal point of our living space. Given that it is often part of the open areas of the house, special attention must be taken to ensure that it is functional, practical, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. Furniture, appliances, wall and floor coverings need to harmonize with each other. Heating units are no exception to this new trend and must be an integral part of the overall whole. Below we review various heating units that are suitable for this popular area of the home.

Les types d’appareils pouvant convenir à la cuisine


We start with three of the most discreet solutions to the limited space issue. The first is the kick space fan heater that stays hidden beneath the cabinets. The front is mounted flush with the floor recessed under the cabinets.

The second is the SCU or Persia heating cable, which delivers high efficiency while remaining invisible. Installed under floor coverings, it disperses its heat evenly and evenly and doesn’t take up any space, which leaves plenty of room for furniture and decorative items. Moreover, the heating cable is ideal for allergy sufferers since it doesn’t generate airflow or displace dust.

The floor fan heater is also an excellent solution when space is at a premium. This convector is recessed directly in the floor and can be installed in areas with limited wall space, such as under patio doors and bay or bow windows.

Les types d’appareils pouvant convenir à la cuisine


More noticeable yet highly decorative solutions are also available. Consider, for example, the Orléans high-end convector. Thanks to its unique design, this convector delivers a faster rise in temperature than any other convector on the market, thus ensuring optimal comfort in a flash. Made in Quebec, like all Stelpro products, it can be installed on a wall or at the end of a cabinet. The optional built-in thermostat features the Zigbee protocol, so it is smart-home ready. The Orléans high-end convector is offered in three models and adapts to any size of room and any decor thanks to its sleek design and Orora colours.

Les types d’appareils pouvant convenir à la cuisine


Baseboard heaters are a widely available and popular product line in Quebec. Baseboards and mini baseboards can provide heat at the base of patio doors and bay windows. These baseboards are surprisingly small, and their rounded shape allows them to blend in beautifully with any decor. Their sturdy structure makes it possible to step on any part of their surface without distorting them. They are the ideal solution for creating a curtain of warm air and dissipating fog or moisture on windowpanes.

More traditional baseboards such as the B baseboard remain one of the most popular heaters on the Quebec market. Its rounded corners and a wide selection of powers and colours mean that even today, baseboards are still a recommended option that integrates very well with any type of kitchen. Being less than six inches high also sets it apart from similar products on the market.

In conclusion, these products must not only look good but must deliver optimal performance, reliability and quiet operation as well as look good. You have many choices when it comes to picking the ideal heating product for your kitchen, lifestyle and budget. Be sure to choose the model and power that best suits your needs. Heaters made in Quebec guarantee you safety and quality, but you’ll also know you’re well equipped to face Quebec’s winters.